Own your favorite companies to make profit
What is Ethecom?

Ethecom is a decentralized game on the Ethereum network that allow you to buy, sell and create companies (brands) on the blockchain.

Each company are unique by name and possess a performance to generate ECOM token (ERC20 standard) for its owner.

How it works
Buy a company

There are a number of companies available in Marketplace for you to buy

Get it sold

After you buy a company, it will be put on sale immediately at a new price determined by our smart contract.

Earn profit

If someone bought your company, you will have profit in ETH and it will be transferred immediately to your Ethereum account.

Earn profit in ECOM token

ECOM token is an in game token that are generated by owning companies.

It follows ERC20 standard, so, it is transferable and tradable just like any other tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

With ECOM token, you can create a new company with the name and logo of your choice. Moreover, you can play lucky draw to earn super privilege which allow you to permanently possess the companies you love.

Our Partners
Refer friends to earn ECOM token

When your referred friend sign up and make the first purchase on Ethecom, you will receive 10 ECOM.

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