1. Introduction

Ethecom is a game on the Ethereum platform. In order to play, you will need to have some ETH and an Ethereum account. We recommend you to use Metamask plugin, which is a light Ethereum wallet that runs directly inside your browser. Currently, Ethecom only support Chrome, FireFox and Opera browsers on desktop computers.

2. Install Metamask

You can install Metamask from here: Metamask

If you never use Metamask before, this short video may help: How to use Metamask

3. Register your account

You will need to enter a nickname and your email address. Your email address will NOT be submitted to the blockchain and will be keep privately in our system. It is for us to send you updates when someone buy a company from you.

You can register by clicking on My Portfolio

Please note that there will be NO registration confirmation email. Instead, we will ask you to sign 'Ethecom' message to confirm your account. (The sign message will popup automatically during registration)

4. Buy some companies

Visit Market Place and choose a company and click on "BUY NOW"

There will be a popup to confirm the price with you and ask whether you want to use super privilege (if you have) to permanently own the company:

Then, there will be a popup from Metamask ask you to submit the transaction to the Ethereum network

After submitting to the Ethereum network, your transaction will take several minutes to get mined. If your transaction succeed, you will see your new company listed in My Portfolio.

5. Earn ECOM token

You can view total amount of ECOM token that you earn in My Portfolio

Because ECOM token follows ERC20 standard, you can also view your ECOM balance via Metamask (or via any other Ethereum wallets) by adding our token address: 0x92625b0f3F72886a1574a949384aD40f127D2A18.

However, the balance showed in Metamask doesn't include the unclaimed ECOM token that you are earning via your companies.

Unclaimed ECOM token will be claimed automatically for you by Ethecom's smart contract when you buy, create a company or when one of your company get sold. Basically, when you submitted a transaction to our contract, it will calculate the amount of ECOM token that you earn through your companies and transfers to you.

6. Create a new company

When you have some ECOM token, you can create your own company. It will be put on sale immediately right after it get created. Its performance will be generated randomly by our smart contract.

To maintain a sustainable economy within the game, the cost of creating a new company will increase when there are too many companies get created.

To create a new company, go to My portfolio and click on "Create Company".

7. Play super privilege lucky draw

As a rule of the game, after you buy a company, it's price will be increased automatically and be put on sale again. Someone else can buy it from you without your consent. Of course, you will earn some profit in ETH from that trade. However, if you don't want anyone to buy a specific company from you. There is a way for you to do so.

A super privilege allows you to permanently own a company. You can put it on sale again later at the price that you specified.

You will need to pay a fee in ECOM token to play the super privilege lucky draw. Our contract will generate a random number for you (ranged from 0 to 99) and if it's higher than a certain threshold, you will get a super privilege.

Currently, you need to pay 50 ECOM for each lucky draw and if the result is higher than 90, you will get a super privilege. You can view your result in the "Activities" tab in My Portfolio

8. Contract's fee

To avoid company's value get inflated by a single player, we apply a contract's fee to all purchase transactions.

Contract's fee may vary from 1.8% to 10% depends on the value of the purchase. The higher the value of the transaction, the less fee it takes.

Enjoy the game :)

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