Ethecom's smart contracts

This game is running on 6 smart contracts.

1. Core contract

Deployed at:  0x3C4eAce49c96a6e6412dcFfD08D5a8FebcC70FbD

This contract is the core of the Ethecom game. It contains an array of all companies created within the game and an array of all users, their total performances, an array of the last block when a user claimed his token and other key logics of the game.

It also possesses 1 900 000 000 ECOM token to make the economy within the game works. No one can take away ECOM token from the core contract including its creator. A player earns ECOM token from the core contract by owning companies in the game.

2. ECOM token contract

Deployed at:  0x92625b0f3F72886a1574a949384aD40f127D2A18

It defines the ECOM token:

  • Token name: Ethecom Token
  • Token symbol: ECOM
  • Total supply: 2 000 000 000 ECOM
  • Decimals of precision: 8
  • Token distribution:
    • Core contract: 95%
    • Ethecom's team: 5%

3. Company's creation fee and company's value calculator

Deployed at:  0x2f1f944aefd26ee779a6bcc1dfaf929341a7b908

Company creation fee will increase overtime as there are more and more companies get created.

Company's price increment after a purchase is also determined by this contract as well.

4. Random number generator

Deployed at:  0x9f6ddc4E4f43078e85560b1F9D07F7Ca04c69C74

Responsible for generating random numbers used by the core contract

5. Company factory contract

Deployed at:  0x77c23b6739ea8354bb5b5e1773c7b45b32a3d9cc

There are 500 companies that are generated by Ethecom to kickstart the game at the beginning. These companies are mostly from the Fortune 500 Companies 2018 list.

These companies will be available one after another every 416 blocks (roughly 2 hours).

6. Referral rewarder contract

Deployed at:  0x2BBEA381F8B1A309200EA1EF5Fab454cCe99cB89

This contract holds some ECOM tokens from our team to reward those players who refer their friends into Ethecom.

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